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Single Vineyard Wines; Clarified (Exposed)

When at a tasting room, you might overhear the good people generously pouring your California Pinot Noir expounding that what you have in your glass is the “Holy Grail” of the varietal; a “Single Vineyard” (or SV) wine. There is … Continue reading

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Wine During The Fall | Pick Your Perfect California Pinot

As summer is coming to an end and fall is fast approaching, what better way to pair your next warm and hearty meal than with a delicious California Pinot Noir. Coupling wine with your meal can add depth to the … Continue reading

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Burgundy vs. Pinot Noir; Differences and Similarities Between

There are many die-hard Pinot Noir enthusiasts that will swear the two are the same wines, just grown in different locals. My purpose of this article is let the reader prove or disprove (or thoroughly confuse) for themselves this idea … Continue reading

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To Decant or Not to Decant, That is the Question

Ok, you’re excited about going wine tasting in one of the hundreds of quality wineries in California. You arrive and you’re ready to sample some fine Pinot Noir or Cabs, but you are rather surprised to find that they’re pouring … Continue reading

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How To Select the Proper Wine Online For The Occasion

  When buying wine online you can enjoy the benefits of special, exclusive prices and the comfort of purchasing wine from the leisure of your home. Of course, while you’re enjoying the luxury of browsing through fabulous wine choices, it’s … Continue reading

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