Discover Barbaresco Wine!

Here at Wine Factor we had been hearing Somms and people “in the know” talk about Italy’s spectacular “3-B’s”: Barolo, Barbaresco and Brunello. So what can you say; we had to go to the source and seek out these gems ourselves. We found the Barbarescos to be particularly compelling; elegant, complex, balanced and of course, top of our list – food friendly! They reminded us of elegant Pinot Noirs and Burgundies. If you’re like us and you love Pinots, you will probably also love Barbarescos.

Vineyards of Barbaresco, Italy

The towns and vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco are found in the Piedmont region, tucked beneath the Alps in Northwestern Italy. Standing in the ancient town of Barbaresco you can actually see Barolo in the distance. Barolo and Barbaresco wines are in fact made from the same Nebbiolo grape. The difference between the two is the terroir and slight micro climate variations, and of course price! Barbarescos are usually more affordable, and more approachable – that is, easier to drink! With a lower tannin level, they can be enjoyed at an earlier age, but they still have enough acidity to make them age-worthy.

The Town of Barbaresco

There were 4 of us representing Wine Factor on this Italian wine tasting trip, sampling dozens of varietals and wines. But when the tastings were over we would unanimously reach for the Barbaresco every time! Barolo and Brunello wines really need food to make the puzzle fit; not saying that they weren’t spectacular in their own right. It’s just that the Barbaresco is approachable even without food, but transforms like a chameleon with it!

The Italian classifications uphold very high, strict standards for the DOCG wines in Italy, including Barbarescos. Many believe they are the best value for high quality wines from the old world today. We could talk about the savory food, welcoming people, and the beauty of the ancient towns everywhere in Piedmont, but it is truly the wines that are most amazing.

We’re delighted to have acquired some highly sought-after Barbarescos, Barolos, and Brunellos that are exceptionally high in quality with value in mind.  You would never eat a good marbled steak without a marvelous Cabernet – right?  Italian food with a good Italian wine is just as stellar! Next time, transform your Italian dinner into a thing of harmony with one of the Italian “3-B’s” from Wine Factor!

And give Barbaresco a try – you’ll love it, like we do!

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