The Best Foods That Go Well With Fiddlehead Wine

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Fiddlehead Wine is known for its characteristic Sauvignon Blanc and silky smooth Pinot Noir. With such high quality, stylistic wine, it’s important that you pick food of equal caliber. Here is a simple guide to food and wine pairings.

Cheese and wine share a delicate relationship. A cheese that is too strong can overpower the wine; a cheese that is too subtle can get lost in the wine’s flavor. Thus, it’s of upmost importance to know how to combine wine and cheese for a most harmonious pairing.


Sauvignon Blanc: This wine comes from the green-skinned grape variety to produce a crisp and elegant taste that makes it an excellent match to the tangy, full-bodied flavor of goat “chèvre” cheese.

Pinot Noir: On the other hand, the strong flavors of goat cheese clash with the delicate, fruity flavors of Pinot Noir. If you’re sipping on this black wine grape variety, go for the nutty, mild notes of sheep’s milk cheese. The light character of sheep’s milk cheese are enhanced by the sweet qualities of a well-made, Pinot Noir.

Meat, Poultry & Fish

As you enter the realm of wine pairings with meat, poultry and fish, a world of exotic tones and subtleties welcomes the daring foodie. However, arm yourself with a solid knowledge of how to weave through the complex maze of flavors to find the optimal pairing in the end.

Sauvignon Blanc: The zesty, crisp fragrance of Sauvignon Blanc are best served with chicken, salads and seafood, as the wine’s high acidity brings out the best in these food choices.

Pinot Noir: The dry nature of a Pinot Noir is a superb partner for a well-seasoned, hearty serving of steak, pork, goose or duck. Note: It’s the tender fattiness of these meats that lend them as exquisite pairings to Pinot Noir. Also, quality Tuna Sashimi goes very well with Pinots – especially spicy Pinots like Ken Brown ‘07 Sta. Rita Hills, and Stephen Ross ‘08 Chorro Creek Pinot.

Searching for the right wine and food pairings can be an exciting adventure, so it’s best to go in with an open mind. Be ready to take risks on unknown flavors and never shy away from foreign textures and styles. For example, Sauvignon Blanc is known to be one of those rare wines that go well with sushi. Don’t like sushi or have never tried it? Now is your perfect chance to try something enticing and new. So make your next food and wine adventure with Fiddlehead Wine!

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