Basics of Wine Tasting

What makes some wines better than others?

It is hard to tell what makes a wine better than another before actually opening the bottle and sampling it for yourself. A quality pinot noir comes from grapes that have been properly cared for in both the growing and the handling stages of wine-making. There may be an assortment of different reasons for a wine to turn out better or worse than others. A winery may have had a rough season, or they may have allowed the wine to oxidize too much when bottling it. Both can have a negative impact on the taste. A good wine should be both complex and balanced in both taste and smell. Smelling the wine first can clue you in on what is in the wine before tasting it.

What makes a good year or a bad year of wine?

The difference between a good year and a bad year can be due to a variety of reasons. A certain winery may experience a dry season or its soil composition may be slightly off. Slight changes during a growing season can result in a different taste than expected. When this happens, it is considered a bad year. A good year for a wine is when everything goes according to plan and the weather is consistent throughout the growing season. Under ideal conditions, the grapevines produce the healthiest grapes.

If you want to learn more about the best years for a specific wine, you should research the wine before you make a purchase. This is easiest to do when you buy wine online because basic information about the wine can easily be found, if not provided, with a simple internet search.

Do some regions produce high quality wines than others?

Grapes, like most plants, have a specific climate which they grow best in. Grapes are best suited for regions that have plenty of sunlight, mild winters, and long growing season. Grapevines intended to produce wine need around eight hours of sun each day for about half the year. Although there are many different types of grapes that can grow in a variety of climates, most wine-producing grapes grow best in regions with the above-mentioned characteristics.

With its temperate climate and consistent year-round weather, California is a very popular place to make high quality California pinot noir. California not only has the best weather for producing wine, but the Californian coast provides a crucial element for maintaining health grapes. A marine layer is produced most mornings allowing the grapes to regain moisture that was lost throughout the previous day. This is one of the most important reasons why California produces some of the best California pinot noir in the world. Not many other regions have access to such natural benefits.

Why some low quality wines are overpriced

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a more expensive the bottle of wine means it is better in quality than others. Studies have shown that most wine drinkers can’t taste the difference between an expensive bottle and a cheaper bottle of wine.

Marketing is usually the cause of overpriced bottles.  Some companies spend a lot of money marketing their product then try to make this money back by increasing prices; however, this can make their wine even more desirable because often times people associate price with quality. This trend is the reason some low quality wines remain overpriced. However, one way to pay less for an equal or better quality bottle is by buying bottles from online wine stores. You not only can save money, but can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

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